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Going Hybrid – Engaging In-Person/Virtual Club Meetings 

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John Crudele and Terry Low

As clubs continue to adapt to the ever-changing environment, many are finding a need to learn new skills to address club meeting flexibility, engagement and retention. Some members are ready to meet in person. Others wish to meet by Zoom. Can we honor both and meet in-person and by Zoom (virtually) at the same time? The answer is yes!!! Join in to see and experience how to run an effective in-person/zoom “hybrid meeting.”



1.  Learn about the “why and how” of hybrid meetings

2.  Gain a clear overview of the technical requirements to host your club's hybrid meetings

3.  See “Best Practice” examples of how to make a hybrid meeting engaging

4.  Leave with the confidence, knowledge and technical resources (Handouts, videos and links) to make next steps to jumpstart your hybrid meetings

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