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Leading vs. Managing

Jeff Hassman.jpg

Jeff Hassman

Would you like to be a great club president? Is it better to be a manager or leader of my club? What is the difference?


Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the difference between leading and managing.

  2. What skills do I need as President?

  3. How can I make a difference in my year as President?

PDG Jeff Hassman

Cedar Falls Rotary Rotary


Rotary has always been part of Jeff’s life. His father was a Rotarian for over 50 years. Jeff has been a Rotary Foreign Exchange Student, Rotaract President, Club President and District Governor. Outside of Rotary, Jeff owns and is active in over a dozen companies involved in real estate, agriculture, insurance, tourism and hospitality. He is married to Maripili and they have 4 adult children. Together they are active with Rotary Youth Exchange.

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