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ASPIRE to have the Club you always wanted!

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Tom Gump


Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the six primary strategies for moving your club to the place where it’s members feel comfortable.

  2.  Understand the importance of using Rotary’s assessment tools regularly to understand what your club members want out of their club experience.

  3.  Understand the importance of engaging your club members so that they feel a part of your club and make your job as President easier.

Thomas A. Gump

Edina Morningside Rotary

Aide to Rotary International President 2024-2025


Tom Gump is a member of Rotary International’s Membership Growth Committee (2022-25) and a former Regional Leader/Rotary Coordinator for Zones 25B & 29. He founded, co-founded, helped form and/or inspired dozens of new and creative clubs around the world, including forming the first club in the world to serve veterans and the first club in the world focused on ending human trafficking. Tom also formed a Rotary Community Corps for Refugees, which serves hundreds of refugees in Minnesota, USA. He is one of only 95 Rotarians in the world to be named to The Gold Level of The Membership Society for New Member Sponsors for bringing in more than 50 active members into his club. The Rotary International Board of Directors recently awarded Tom its highest honor – the Service Above Self Award. Zones 28 and 32 awarded him with its “Individual Membership Innovation Award.”

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