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Thank you to all of our exhibitors. If you missed their booth during our event, here is their contact information. 


The Rotary Foundation

As your Annual Giving Officer for Zones 28W & 29, Edina Mehovic helps develop fundraising strategies to support the Annual Fund by providing counsel and resources to district and club fundraising volunteers. She can help you raise awareness about all the good we can do by growing The Rotary Foundation and supporting its causes, attracting new donors, and keeping current donors engaged. Contact Edina Mehovic or download this resource sheet for more information. 

ESRAG Image.png

Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group

ESRAG is the Rotary Action Group around the new area of Focus on the Environment. The web site is full of ideas and we have a Central US group that meets and several committees. An environmental service project is a great way to re-energy your club. Contact Tina Hall for more info or visit their website.  

ShelterBox image.png

ShelterBox USA

ShelterBox hand delivers tents, tools and tarpaulin-based emergency shelter plus other items for the health, safety and comfort of families displaced by disaster or conflict. Contact Bill Tobin for more info or visit their website.  

R4C modified.jpg


RAG4Clubfoot is a group of Rotarians whose purpose is to mobilize Rotarians and provide global leadership to eliminate clubfoot disability. Contact Tomeka Petersen for more info or visit their website.  


Rochester's Rotary World Community Service (3-club model)

Rochester’s Rotary World Community Service comprises of members from Rochester (MN)’s three Rotary clubs. The group meets monthly to review grant proposals and build capacity for mentoring interested project proponents in successfully applying for and completing a District or Global grant through Rotary-approved protocols. We showcase two proposals in later stages of submission in order to engage more of our NC PETS teams to learn about how you can make a larger Rotary difference for the health and educational needs of communities in Uganda (KIHEFO-MN tele-education proposal) and Orphans worldwide (World Without Orphans project). Contact Ashok Patel for more info or visit their website.

Outreach Program.png

The Outreach Program

Outreach officers are Rotarians. We have developed potable water systems for over 50 schools in Tanzania, and the Porta-Doc mobile medical clinic. Our systems have been in operation since 2007. Contact us for more information on potable water systems and mobile medical clinics. To learn more about Outreach, watch this video, contact Isaac McNary or Floyd Hammer or visit their website.  

RHLogo_1080 (002).jpg

Russell Hampton Company

Russell Hampton Company is the world's largest and oldest supplier of Rotary Club supplies. From our beginnings in 1920 to today, we have become the most respected provider of Rotary Club supplies, awards, personalized gifts, apparel, signage and more. We proudly serve Rotary Clubs and Districts around the globe, and we also provide companies and organizations with their branding and merchandise needs. We take a tremendous amount of pride in providing the highest quality Rotary emblem merchandise available coupled with the attentive, 'can-do' customer service that you would expect from a Rotarian run family business that operates by the fundamentals of the Four-Way Test. Contact Jesse Dahlin for more info or visit their website.  

WWO logo.png

World without Orphans

WWO is calling and equipping national leaders to collaborate in solving their own country’s orphaned and vulnerable children crisis. The vision for a world without orphans is to see every child in a safe and loving family, and every child with the opportunity to reach their full potential. Contact Nicholas Rethemeier for more info or download this proposal

kifef logo 2.png

Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO)

Our mission is to fight disease, poverty and ignorance in an integrated and sustainable approach. Contact Lauren Anderson for more info or visit their website.  


Kerber HeartSafe Community Campaign

Our mission is to increase the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in Iowa City and Coralville by motivating laypersons to intervene effectively using CPR and AEDS. Contact Lara Marsh for more info or visit their website.  

Camp Enterprise.png

Camp Enterprise

Camp Enterprise is a three-day camp for high school juniors and seniors designed to introduce students to the free enterprise system and encourage entrepreneurship and ethical business practices. The experience is often life changing. Each year, at least five (5) $1,000 higher education scholarships are awarded to students of exceptional merit. In total, Camp Enterprise has awarded more than $80,000 in scholarships since its inception. Contact Mary Brindle for more info or visit their website.  

WASH Milk.jpg

WASH & Milk Processing System, Global Grant, Tanzania

You and your Rotary Club are invited to join, The Rotary Club of Ames, in a Global Grant. The Rotary Club of Ames is preparing two Global Grants a milk processing plant and a water system both in Tanzania. Contact Glen Rippke for more info or visit their website.  

HANWASH Logo Vertical.png


HANWASH (Haiti National Clean Water, Sanitation and Health Strategy) is a collaborative national initiative to provide thoughtfully managed and sustainable clean water and sanitation to all citizens of Haiti, along with the associated health, community and economic benefits. The initiative is led by Rotary District 7020 and DINEPA (The Haitian Government’s National Water and Sanitation Agency), along with other non-governmental organization (NGO) partners, such as Haiti Outreach and Pure Water for the World. Contact Kathy Fahy for more info or visit their website.  

Rotary Simple Wheel.png

St. Paul Sunrise - Perspectives on Legalizing Marijuana for Recreational Use

Our 15th Annual Community Forum - Perspectives on Legalizing Marijuana for Recreational Use presented with Rotary Clubs of Minneapolis City of Lakes and Roseville will be held April 22, 2021 at 7:45-9:15 AM.  As we consider whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use, this forum will help answer our questions. Our expert panel will discuss what other states have learned and what a sensible policy would look like here if grounded within Rotary's Four Way Test principles of ethical decision-making: what is true fair and beneficial to all concerned. Contact Karin Ciano for more info or visit their website to register.  

Peace Pipe.png

Peace Pipe Project - Rotary History Coming Alive

A continuation of Keokuk (Iowa) Rotarian W. Jewett Fulton's International Service project 1931-32. Rotarian Fulton sent out letters to all international Rotary clubs to "smoke the pipe of peace," during the the two world wars and in the middle of the Great Depression. A review of the historical significance of this project and lessons learned for our present time. Contact Tony Conn for more info or visit their website.  

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