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Living Undeterred, Better not Bitter

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Jeffrey Johnston

Mental health, substance abuse, and addiction are issues that are impacting millions. Each year more people are struggling, and we are losing lives at an alarming rate. Jeff will share some important information on how we make a difference and help change the way we approach mental health and substance use disorders.


Learning outcomes:  Expectations, Preparation and Evolution

  1. Value of reframing your situation and events in your life

  2. Vulnerability is a superpower

  3. Pain is unavoidable yet suffering is a choice

Jeffrey Johnston

M (319) 899-3400



After the death of his son, Seth, and his wife, Prudence, Jeff became an advocate for all things mental wellness. Aside from his podcast and radio show, Jeff is launching the first one page mental health plan app, Brightn, created specifically for GenZ.

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