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Club Collaboration:  Projects & Grant

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Rick Heidick

Rick will speak about a water system project in Nicaragua that was instituted and completed in just over two years.  This entailed a multi-phase project for a water system using multiple grants to supplement the phases.  The final grant process resulted in innovative ways for driving donations and contributions from two Rotary Districts and over 30 clubs.


Learning outcomes:

  1. Use of grants throughout project plan development

  2. Search and relationship development with local partners

  3. Ideas for driving collaboration, donations, and grant support among Rotary clubs


Stillwater Sunrise Rotary

District 5960 - Fast for Hope, Chair


Rick is a member of the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club and has been a Rotarian for 14 years.  He is the current President of the Stillwater Sunrise Club and also the District 5960 Team Leader of the LIFT Program that addresses extreme poverty in Nicaragua.  Rick is a former Division Quality Manager at 3M and retired in 2020 after 35 years at the company.

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