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Rotary International Service & Support

Emily Tucker, Andrez Perez, Cassandra DellaCorte, Andrew Cary and Liz Thiam

This session covers some of the support that Rotary staff can provide to club leaders. Topics include Club and District Support, Foundation giving, and the Rotary brand.

Learning outcomes:

  • Membership strategies and resources

  • An introduction to Club and District Support - who they are and who PEs should contact for assistance, when PEs should reach out, and why PEs should turn to RI Support staff for assistance

  • What the Rotary Foundation is

  • What the Rotary Foundation does

  • How participants can support the vital work of the Rotary Foundation

  • Why you should care about Rotary Branding


Emily Tucker

Regional Membership Officer at Rotary International

P: 847-866-3258

Andrez Perez.jpg
Cassandra DellaCorte.jpg

Andrez Perez

Associate Officer, Club & District Support     

P: 847-424-5368 


Club and District Support (CDS) Officer Andrez Perez and Associate Officer Cassandra DellaCorte represent 39 districts between zones 29 through Zone 33. They specialize in Rotary policies and procedures, club and district operations, and guidance on club and district officer responsibilities. Andrez joined CDS in 2020, and Cassandra came on in 2022, and both previously worked for the Rotary Support Center.                      

Cassandra DellaCorte

Associate Officer, Club & District Support

P: 847-424-5212


Andrew Cary

Andrew is from Bloomington, Indiana, and has been a fundraising and development professional for the past 7 years. He lives in Chicago, and comes to Rotary from the Adler Planetarium.


Liz Thiam.png

Liz Thiam

Brand Specialist

Tel. 1-847-866-3162

Liz Thiam is Rotary International’s Brand Specialist. She focuses on ensuring that our members and our staff are using Rotary’s visual identity and Rotary Marks correctly and consistently. She’s been with Rotary since 2008 and has been working as the Brand Specialist since 2018. She lives outside of Chicago with her husband and two sons.


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